Being secretive

I have this crazy feeling your peeking in on me again. All i can say, is that i actually feel sorry for you. Unhappy people like you never have much going on and will never rest until everyone else is in your shoe. Just remember something, i am nothing like you and never will be as weak as you are. 

I’m sorry if i ever trusted you with my heart. I wish i could take it all back. 

New Beginings

I’m quiet happy being “Me”. I have never ever wanted to be someone else. I simply wanted to show you the world from another point of view. Clearly, your not up for new adventures or a new vision on life. Your goal was to be a stay at home mom and a wife to your shark face husband. I hope that goes well for ya, cause there no turning back. He was an ass before you got married and im sure he’s a bigger ass now. #JustSaying 

New begnings require new people.